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Here are some of our current product lines:

Accounting: Passport Financials (since 1982) including General ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Order Entry, Inventory Control, Sales Analysis, ODBC, and other modules.

Manufacturing: Passport Manufacturing (since 2007) including Master Scheduling and MRP, capacity planning, shop floor control, manufacturing job costing, and other modules.

Medical billing: Altapoint Practice Management Systems (since 2004) including scheduling, medical billing, Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Remote Backup Service: RBS remote backup systems (since 2004) including a dedicated remote backup server, review and verification of backup jobs, compressed and encrypted transmission methods, and data restoration and repair when needed.


How are you backing up your data? Or aren't you?
How good are your backups? Have you tested them?
If you need to, can you go back a few days, weeks or months for a good copy?
With so much "junk" on the Web and in email, isn't it a matter of time till you will need a restore?

The problems: For some years we have been disappointed with current backup technologies like Travan and DDS tape drives. We know from personal experience, and industry information, that:

33-50% of restore operations fail partially or completely.
Most "free" backup software is for PCs, and doesn't work on file servers
Some server backups skip open files, like MS Exchange and SQL
Server backup software, a drive and tapes, can cost $1000-$2000.

Current systems require significant training and user intervention
Most users can't tell if their backups work, and have never tested them.
Many companies don't have an adequate number of tapes, nor a solid tape rotation method.
Most businesses don't store copies off-site. If the office is destroyed, so are the backups.

The solutions: We have 3 alternative technologies that really work:

1. A file server with a built-in, continuous, unattended, real-time backup to hot-swappable hard drives, automatically maintaining archival copies going back hours, days, weeks, or months.

2. A quality tape drive system for a conventional high volume tape solution, coupled with affordable server backup software that captures open files, MS-Exchange and MS-SQL data.

3. A Remote Backup Service that is affordable, encrypted, automatic, and unattended. Copies of updated data are sent to us daily, reviewed for accuracy, and stored securely. For less than $2 per day (about 10 minutes of your time) you can have automatic, reliable backups.

Not sure where you stand? Call us AT 724-837-9433 

(or email bmeyer@bm-a.biz

for a free evaluation of your current
backup methods. We'll give you a "second opinion" of how effective your
backup system will be when you need it most.

Solution #1:
New File Server: We are selling and supporting a new server system from
Network Integration Technologies. Beyond just building a VERY stable
file server, they have taken steps to improve the security and
reliability of their systems in the following ways:

Operating System on a chip to prevent disk corruption, hacking, etc.
Complete suite of network software services: file & print sharing,
email & web services, etc.
Administration from any workstation, on-site or remote, for regular
Continuous, automated, unattended backup to removable, hot-swap hard

Pricing is competitive with current server solutions, and can be 25-30%
less than a typical server.

Solution #2:
Sony AIT Tape Technology: This is a higher capacity and quality drive,
but we knew that it would work reliably. And in all of our installations
over the past 3 years, it has performed flawlessly.

We couldn't say that with either Travan (TR-5) or DDS technologies,
regardless of manufacturer. On a regular basis, we had multiple failed
tapes and lots of error messages, with accompanying phone and service

Capacity is 35 GB native storage, and up to 90 GB compressed. Each tape
contains a chip that records volume contents, tape rotation information,
and comes preformatted. If you want to use tape, and you want it to be
reliable, this is the drive and media to use.

Pricing, with drive, media, and installation is from $1500.

Solution #3:
Remote Backup Service alternative:
We have been researching and testing a Remote Backup Service software
product. We have established a Backup Server with Remote Backup software
that will allow your files to be encrypted and sent over the Internet
every night, unattended, directly to our Backup Server. This solves
several problems:

No tapes or software to buy, minimizing initial investment
No user interaction to change tapes or review backup logs, for ease of use
Data is stored safely away from your location in the event of fire,
flood, theft, etc.
Multiple copies are archived to handle a daily, weekly, monthly
schedule of backups

The software allows you to check or restore files from the remote
server, it keeps track of files that have changed since the last backup,
and it operates automatically, every night, without user intervention.
We will monitor your backup process and have the system notify us of any
errors or problems.

We have priced this service at $1-$2 per day, an amount that probably
represents about 10 minutes, or less, of your time daily. What is your
time -- and data -- worth to you?